“Focus More, Care Less”

Peter Redmond

First of all you are very welcome to the start of what has been a very long awaited journey which, I am glad to say has finally commenced. So without any further delays, Let us begin.

Life throws a lot of distractions on our paths where inner goals are easily lost. It is how you reacted and the decisions you made in these situations that has molded you into who you are today. If you are happy then that is fantastic and forever may it last but if you are feeling stuck, make today the start of the change. Do 1 thing different each day that challenges you to break a daily habit. Do this and you will go to bed a different person than who you were when you woke up that morning and the start of growth has begun.

For myself, my passion was and is the Game of Golf. Golf, like many others, is a game that is viewed as being an external, physical sport but this is but a minor element of the game. Bobby Jones famously said “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get the bad breaks from good shots and get good breaks from bad shots, but you have to play the ball where it lies”. In order to perform your best you must know yourself, your tendencies, how you react to pressure situations and how to manage yourself through them. You must have control of your emotions and thoughts in order to tame and distract the self-critic that expects perfection of ourselves and will tell you “that shot was crap” or “why did you play that shot, we are going to get a double bogey now”. You may have experienced it when lashing out after a shot, throwing a club, hitting the bag with the club, shouting out profanity’s or talking yourself down to a point of no confidence.

The skills and techniques that are used by the world’s best can change not just the performance on the course but in how you manage yourself, day to day off the course as well. This change of mindset and focus can have a life changing affect as every action begins with first, a thought, and then a decision.

My coaching is from an intrinsic, contextual and relational base which has increased performance without having to make swing changes. A process based approach rather than one of outcome, frees you up to focus on the shot immediately in front of you which makes up my quote of “focus more, care less”. Focus entirely on what you can control (yourself and shot you are faced with) and care less of the outcome (live in the moment regardless of result). The scores will look after themselves but when you try to control them or nurse the ball around, you will soon see them spiral out of control. You may have experienced this when you shoot 21 points on the front 9 and 14 on the back or you start with 14 and relax/stop caring and shoot 21 on the back 9. You cannot control the end result, but you can focus on doing your best with the little steps that get you there.

I will leave you with a question that highlights the difference in coaching methods for what is a very complex mobile, sequencing pattern.

How did you learn to walk?

Was it through in-depth instruction where you were told where each body part should be at a particular time during the movement (instructional) or was it through observing, trying and failing but each time your body was learning, to the point where you trusted your body to support you without the understanding of why it works? Natural movement (Intrinsic).

On your next round notice what you notice about yourself and how you are reacting and thinking. Awareness is the first step to playing better golf.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Barry says:

    Absolutely spot on. Detailed but not so much to put people off. I think people will read this and be inspired to try something different .


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