A bit about Myself and Proformance

My aim in setting up Proformance, is to provide local golfers with the professional coaching experience that the world’s best players have access to, covering all areas of performance. Coming from a Martial Arts background and now, a professional golfer, I noticed that the manner in which Coaching is currently being taught, is not the most efficient approach. The Focus, mental strength, natural intrinsic learning and environment were neither taught or lacked relatability/retention.

I come from a holistic approach and sought a body that was of the same mindset. The World Golfers Teachers Federation was of a similar approach where all the focus was client based and feedback is of paramount importance. There is no learning without feedback (experience and constructive).

Having a good knowledge of the body, the biomechanics of the swing lead me to TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). This has some great insights into how the body moves and how to coach around any limitations. I am currently level 2 Golf expert and studying level 2 Fitness. The USkids golf coaching has a focus on natural, intrinsic, games based coaching with emphasis on keeping it fun.

I have consulted with experts in their fields, who can offer clients the best possible experience for peak performance and I have teamed up with Simulatedsports.ie as a base for coaching using the state of the art facility based in Tallaght.

If you have any questions, please contact me via DM or info@proformance.com

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